• Request: My Galaxy Note 4 crashes/reboots randomly when I use it. Is there any way to fix this?

    I know it's not because of apps, because I factory reset the phone and it still crashed randomly without any.

    It's completely random when it crashes, but I've noticed that it tends to crash more when typing than watching videos or doing phone calls (although both aren't immune to the issue).

    Another odd behavior is when it reaches 10-15% remaining battery, it will constantly reboot until the battery runs out.

    I hope that the above could help clarify the issue.

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  • Request: What are some examples of profitable automation on PC? (assuming "free" electric & data)

    Trying to think how I can put a spare PC to use, electricity isn't a factor but it is not powerful enough to mine bitcoins.

    I was thinking of using it to bot in an online game with a strong economy and low-medium system requirements like WoW or something. I did that with Diablo 2 LoD around 2002 with some success. (couple months rent paid for selling loot drops / mule accounts on ebay )

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  • Request: My back Right Left audio jack is broken, but has RL RR audio jack, can I configure this for headphone use?

    I'm in a bind, both RL audio jacks, front and back, have been snapped off from someone cable tripping. The asRock extreme4 motherboard I have comes with a 7.1 rear panel setup.

    To my knowledge the physical settings on a L R and RL RR jack are different, aka the way the metal on the audio cable touches the actual jack.

    I'm just wondering if there's an audio driver that would allow me to change RL RR to L R, or if I need a new mobo/case.

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  • Request: Hard Drive compatibility help

    Hi friends,

    I'm looking to buy a new external hard drive (2TB) for my MacBook pro 2016 and I am wondering, if I plug in both my current external hard drive and a new HD into the laptop, would I be able to transfer data from one hard drive to another without having to copy and paste to my laptop's internal storage? I will be using the drives for data storage and Time machine backups.

    Also, do they have to be the same formatting type or will I be able to transfer from exFAT to HFS+?

    Currently looking at WD MyPassport 2TB and Seagate expansion 2TB, heard that Seagate has high failure rates but my current drive has been alive for about 4-5 years with no issues. Open to recommendations too.

    Should I be concerned if the drive features an internal SATA port for data recovery in case of the USB connection failing?

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  • Request: How long do laptops usually last with 12+ hours everyday usage.

    My laptop that is over 5 years old which I have been using everyday for over 12 hours keeps shutting off immediately. It wont turn on without being plugged in, and if I plug it out it shuts off in seconds. Today I was using it while it was plugged in and it shut off. It wont turn back on and I think it is completely broken now. I replaced the battery in the past, but it at least charged in the past even with the broken battery, but now with the charger plugged in the light where it says its charging isnt showing so I think its permanently broken. Should I buy a new laptop or is it possible to repair this one for a low cost? Also is there any way I can get some files back from the laptop even if it wont turn back on?

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  • Request: How I can use two mouses on two monitors using one cpu.

    I run rocket league on the main monitor and usually hearthstone on the other. I would like to control the other screen without alt tabbing. Thanks

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  • Request: best way to automatically collage many images!

    As the title suggests I have 100s of images and wont them collaged together - perhaps 10 per page or similar. Happy to use Photoshop or any software as long as it does it.

    Doesn't have to be neat, just as long as theyre compiled together.

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