Search Engine Optimization

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Title Optimization

The title of a web page appears a clickable link on a search engine results page (SERP). It has a very important role in on-page optimization. The title tag is chosen relevant to the context based on the relevancy of search phrases used in different search engines.

Meta Tag Optimization

The meta tags contain page description, keywords, author of the document, last modified, and other metadata a short description of what you focus on in a particular web page. We alter the meta data using competitive keywords to suit your services.

Link Optimization

We provide your visitors with efficient page navigation. Also, we check for the anchor text in the links within your website and create suitable anchor text for both inbound and outbound links.

Heading Tag Optimization

We place your keywords targeted by your content to increase their importance for search engines.

Code Optimization

We suggest how your website can load faster. In addition we validate your website’s code against W3C standards.

Sitemap Creation and Submission

We submit your website to all the major search engines. We also check for errors in your HTML code, eliminate them to enable search engines to crawl your website easily.

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Since search engines can crawl all the links and information on your website, we use robots.txt to prevent the indexing of secure pages or unnecessary pages.

Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text helps both search engines and users in better navigation of a website. During the On-page optimization process, we anchor text the links and internally optimize your website links for better ranking of keywords on search engines.

Keyword Research and Analysis

An essential process that comes under search engine optimization is keyword analysis. We analyze your business and products/services offered by to to determine the most suitable keywords to attract your target market segment.

Social Media Marketing

We use socail networking channels to promote your website or blog. By using social media to promote your products and services, we help in increasing traffic and generating leads. Our clients are backed up by a strong social media presence.

Directory submission

There are many directories available online for submission. We submit your website into a category that best first the services offered by you. We also use good keywords while submitting your website to directories.

Social bookmarking

We popularize our client’s website via social bookmarking. Social Book marking also adds to the number of incoming links. Relvant keyword rich tags are used for social book marking.