FlashForge 3D Printers, New Model: Finder

Great printer! The first one I received must have been a defect. The issues I had with the first one were:

1. The screen would shutdown in the middle of a long print.
2. The removable tray keeps popping out. I had to tape the tray in place so it wouldn’t pop-out or move in the middle of a job.
3. USB connection would constantly disconnect. I tried a different cable and had no success.
4. I could not get the filament to stick to the bed. Even the test cube did not come out square.

I received a replacement, and what a difference! I’m no longer having to unplug the unit for the screen to return. The removable tray now has a firm lock when it’s pushed in. No USB connection issues! And the included glue stick helps! The new one also has a thumb screw for leveling the bed, which is alot better than the black plastic nut it had before. The new one is very quiet, sometimes I cannot tell if it’s running. I also love how fast the extruder heats up. It takes less than a minute to heat up to 220 degrees. Great printer, I would highly recommend it!