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Websences obtains Polymer Chain, Inc.

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Websences obtains

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Removing posting on by adding “.post-meta {display:none;}” to the css file.


Unsupported WEP security mode and TKIP encryption

EnGuenius EAP350 Access Points getting Unsupported WEP security mode and TKIP encryption also causes new devices to keep dropping connection and get deauthenticated due to local deauth request. Both AES and TKIP has be on for 802.11n and ignore caution message. goes live

Websences goes live with new design for


Websences redesigns with a new modern look.

WebSences gets a facelift…

WebSences started as a web service entity, but now has venture into other computer services. Along with the new services, WebSences has also receive a new facelift with a new redesign of the website…