Canon Copiers Drivers Prompting for login

When pushing out printer drivers through GPO, print management, standard users are being prompt to login with administrator credentials.

This tweak will get your Canon, Sharp og KonicaMinolta printers up and running again by making the drivers Package Aware.

Edit the register on your print server(s). If you change the value of the key PrinterDriverAttributes under HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Enviroments\Windowsx64\Drivers\…\Driver name\ and restart the print server, you are able to make Windows treat the driver as packaged, and it will install unattended with gpo. The hex number has to be odd. To keep the original settings for the printer driver and only make it Pakage aware you shold add 1 to the original value of PrinterDriverAttributes. In my print enviroment the original attribute had the value 4, so I changed it to 5 and that made it Pakage aware. Different versions of the driver (and different vendors) might need other values.

Restart server .

According to MS the 1 flag for PrinterDriverAttributes stands for PRINTER_DRIVER_PACKAGE_AWARE. This will treat the driver as package aware, which means a CAB package will be created, including the inf and the catalog. The package will be installed through setupapi.dll when installing the driver, validating that the catalog is trusted, and that hashes for all files are included in the catalog.

BTW: This is not a Microsoft problem, but a printer vendor problem! Two lines of code in the *.inf file will make the driver Package aware and fix the problem properly! Solution for vendors posted by Microsoft here:

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