Month: May 2015

Maximum number of ActiveSync Devices

ActiveSync will only allow a default of 10 devices per mailbox. To increase it to 50 devices, use this command in Exchange Management Shell Set-Throttlingpolicy “Identity Name” -EasMaxDevices 50 -EasMaxConcurrency 50

Cisco Mailguard

Cisco mailguard blocking certain emails from Appriver; Does Not Allow Certain Commands over Telnet Exchange 2010 Error: 451 4.7.0 Timeout waiting for client input Cisco ASA Error: Inspect: esmtp _default_esmtp_map, packet 286302, lock fail 0, drop 130, reset-drop 0, 5-min-pkt-rate 0 pkts/sec, v6-fail-close 0 mask-banner, count 1720 allow-tls, count 143 match cmd line length gt …

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